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I am so glad to have BDL to read my dermatopathology. The doctors I work with all are interested in the cases and the patients and take a lot of time to review the literature and look for clues in some very challenging cases of dermpath. In addition, many have backgrounds in clinical dermatology and will look at photos to help make the diagnosis and treat the patient.
Thanks for all you do!

Gayle Masri-Fridling, MD, Vienna, VA

Accuracy of diagnosis, timely reporting and easy accessibility to physicians and staff has been our consistent experience with Bethesda Dermatopathology Laboratory (BDL) over the last 20 years. We feel that we work together with BDL as a team to provide quality of care for patients. Utilization of outside consulting resources such as Harvard and Mayo Clinic Dermatopathology Labs initiated by BDL reassures us and our patients that even in the most difficult diagnostic cases (pigmented lesions in particular) treatment recommendations can be made with confidence. Thank you BDL.

Peninsula Dermatology Associates, Salisbury, MD
Howard C. Hines M.D.
Luette Spitzer Semmes M.D.
Elizabeth M. Burke M.D.

The Dermatopathologists at BDL are easy to reach. They give me their time to discuss concerns about patient cases. They often have a perspective or consideration to add to the case. Their support staff are resourceful and kind, they work hard to help us resolve concerns that we or our patients may have. I love working with Bethesda Dermatopathology Laboratories.

Cecilia Ross, PA-C “, Forefront Dermatology, Vienna, VA

Dr. Bravo has been reading the skin biopsies of my patients, my family and myself for the last 20 years. I literally trust her with my life! She understands the way I think as a dermatologist which is vital in reading skin pathology. Many complicated patients come to our practice for second opinions; I insist that their original biopsy slides be reread by Dr. Bravo as she almost always solves the diagnostic puzzle. Over the years, dozens of other companies have tried to persuade our practice to switch to them, but our loyalty lies with Bethesda Derm Labs. There is no better dermatopathologist than Dr. Bravo.

Diane J. Orlinsky, M.D., F.A.A.D., Towson, MD