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Your physician has performed a medical procedure called a biopsy exam. Ever wonder what happens after that exam, and how that biopsy is diagnosed? That’s where BDL comes in.

As dermatopathologists, we process and interpret that biopsy and report back to your doctor with our findings, so that proper treatment can begin.

How do we do it?
Once your biopsy is accurately described, it goes into a tissue processing machine for several hours. It is then placed carefully into small blocks of a special type of wax called paraffin. Highly skilled lab technicians called histology technicians, using special equipment, cut very thin sections of your tissue sample— only a fraction of the thickness of a piece of paper. The tissue is placed on glass slides and stained with special dyes so that the cells making up your biopsy can be easily seen under the microscope and studied by the pathologist.

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