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Why should my practice use BDL?
For over 30 years, the physicians and staff at BDL have provided the most trusted, accurate, and actionable biopsy reports to help you diagnose and treat your dermatology patients. Our doctors are known for their definitive reporting and their excellent clinical pathologic correlation. All of our doctors are board certified in dermatopathology and double boarded in either dermatology or anatomic pathology. With over 100 combined years of diagnosing the most difficult cases, we bring experience, curiosity, and thoughtful care to each case you send us. We review challenging cases daily in our consensus conference, and we welcome your phone calls and photographs on any case you send us. You will find our physicians and staff eager to accommodate your every need: from 24 hr reporting, to a request for an interface, and even the courier pickup at the time you request. We work hard to exceed expectations, because we consider it a privilege that you choose to send your cases to us.

What if more testing is needed?

When a biopsy needs more specialized testing, or when a diagnosis is controversial, the doctors at BDL initiate a referral to a consultant at one of the leading academic institutions in the United States.

Can I request special services for my slides?

Yes, you can indicate your preferences on the pathology form. For example you can:

  • Request a specific pathologist to read your slides
  • Request STAT services on the form
  • Indicate that photographs are available

Can I speak with doctors at BDL?

The doctors and staff at BDL are always willing to take your call or text. We understand the importance of promptly handling any special requests or concerns.

How will my practice access reports?

Through our web portal, physicians and their staff can access reports from an internet-capable computer. Using a secure name and password, you can search for specific results or see a list of all reports by using specific search criteria. The reports can be viewed, printed, scanned or downloaded for your convenience.
Upon your request, BDL will also interface with any EMR system allowing you to have automatic bidirectional connectivity and transmission of your reports.

Is it possible to request a modification in how my reports are worded or formatted?

We ask all new clients for some of their preferences ex. Do you prefer margin comments on basal cell carcinoma biopsies? If your preferences change, just let us know by calling the Front Office Staff at 301-439-4301 and selecting Option 1.

Is it possible to set up TC/PC services?

Yes, please contact Larry Haley, BDL Service Rep/Territorial Manager at 301-466-2131 or send him an email at lhaley@bdlab.com

How are the slides from my practice picked up and delivered to BDL?

We provide courier pickup or FedEx when you need it. You may select one or the other as needed.

How can I schedule a visit with BDL?

Simply give us a call at (301) 439-4303 to schedule a visit, or complete the form on our Contact Us page. We will return your inquiry within 24 hours to schedule a visit.

Is there a way that I can schedule lunch and learn talks for my practice?

Yes, please contact Larry Haley, BDL Service Rep/Territorial Manager at 301-466-2131 or send him an email at lhaley@bdlab.com

What is the DermPath Slide Review Course?



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